Villa Molin was built in 1597 for the important politician Niccolò Molin, an ambassador of the Venice Republic and of an illustrious noble family.

When Nicolò wished to erect a villa for summer use that would be suited to the family’s standing, it was natural to turn to Scamozzi, first among Venetian architects at the time.

It is located in an ideal position between Padova and the Euganean hills. elegantly facing the Canale Battaglia.

Villa Molin welcomes you in its magnificent interior to let you walk through the centuries, feeling the union between art and nature.

It can host every kind of event: wedding, business meetings, photoshoots both in the garden and inside the villa.

Our staff can offer you a taylor-made service, helping you to let you to make the most of your experience at Villa Molin, nestled in the unique atmosphere of this amazing house

Villa Molin

Via Ponte della Cagna, 106
35142 Padova ITALY

For information:
phone: 348 400 4121

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    Marco Michele Rossi

    Video&Art Director

    Villa Molin

    Via Ponte della Cagna, 106
    35142 Padova ITALY